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FLEXERGY merits recognized by Compete 2020

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Project Results and Dissemination at “DEMOCRAT Day”

The DEMOCRAT project came to an end, and a formal presentation accompanied with a demonstration was performed at Efacec facilities in Maia, Portugal, on the 31st January 2020, in a public event named “DEMOCRAT Day”. During the event, the project team had the pleasure to welcome a vast list of invited people from Efacec main stakeholders, namely industry and academia.

More information on the DEMOCRAT Day can be found in this link.

DEMOCRAT role in the FLEXERGY project:

The microgrid demonstrator installed at Efacec’s facilities shall provide a unique testbed solution for the innovative management solution developed in the FLEXERGY project. The DEMOCRAT facilities and equipment developed in the mentioned project serve as an important scope for the design, development and verification of the produced management solution during the FLEXERGY project.